Parsons Baltimore Studio 2010

Here are the first drafts of four digital animations of Baltimore over time

1. the pre-grid land transformation from native to colonial settlement

2. the grid formations

3. urban renewal

4. revitalization


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DMUD2010 Taiwan

International Design Workshop 2010
Department of Architecture, National Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Made in Taiwan
International workshop

26 – 31 July, 2 0 1 0, Tainan, Taiwan

Brian McGrath Chair, Urban Design Parsons The New School for Design

DMUD2010 Taiwan Workshop Final Projects

Group 1‘s proposal uses the high speed rail to trigger the defragmentation the industrial infrastructural legacy of Taiwan. Between off coast oil ports to highway-induced landslides lies the fertile agricultural planes which are intensified in order to release the pressure on the rising sea level of the west coast and the volatile yet productive seismic zone. FINAL VIDEO

Group 2 presented an important critique of the high speed rail by pointing out that connecting to the train takes considerable longer than being on the train, and that what you gain in speed you lose in flexibility. Their proposal attaches the islands robust small and light industry enterprises to the logics of the high speed rail, adapting it to the specific needs of Taiwan’s dynamic social economy.

Group 3 utilizes the high speed train to develop Taiwan as a global educational center. The stops on the train line are nodes in transforming the whole island into a campus. Their project was based on a comprehensive archaeology of Taiwan’s agricultural, educational and business landscapes.

Group 4 proposed that the eight stops along the high speed rail create one city. By focusing on just one kilometer around each station, the students imagine Taiwan as a single city with the attributes of Tokyo, Chiang Mai and Rotterdam. The few minutes on the high speed rail is like taking an elevator between floors in a high rise office building.

Group 5 use the high speed rail and its connection to ports, airports and the internet to model the extraterritorial reach of Taiwan. By modeling transportation and communication networks over time, they envision Taiwan as being a 21st century hyper-logistical hub connecting people, information and materials throughout the world. FINAL VIDEO

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Brian McGrath, Associate Professor of Urban Design

Parsons The New School for Design

International Design Programme 2010

Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong

5 – 1 2  M a r c h,  2  0  1  0




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